Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our little Pumpkin!

For those of you who don't know, this is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love everything from pumpkin pie to the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks that only comes this time of year. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, we took Finley to a pumpkin patch!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On my way to walking...but not there yet!

Well, as of a week ago, Finney could pull up with select objects...and with the "tall" objects, he could pull up to his knees. Over the weekend, we watched him and he was really working on figuring out how to get up. Well...he mastered it at daycare. There is a toy corral that is...say...about a foot tall. You have to envision this blue plastic boundary that is filled with toys and all kinds of fun colorful objects of interest. Finney army-crawled over to it, pulled up to his feet, and then teetered over the top trying to reach these magnificent findings until, you guessed it, he fell in! Luckily, it was nice and cushy. He then proceeded to make his way "out" of the corral (I can't figure out how/why he got bored in there). Unfortunately for Finn, he didn't make his way out quite as gracefully. He has a nice rug burn on his forehead as proof of this. As for Kelly and I, we are enjoying the last bit of time that we have before the craziness that comes with walking comes...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Retro Finney

Hi everyone! I realized it was time to update my blog when our dear friend Suzanne sent me a card in the mail that ended with "Update your blog!!" Kelly and I logged in tonight to find that I hadn't sent any updates since MAY!! SO, without further adieu, here we are...with my feeble attempt to summarize the past five months with our little man.

At the moment, he is sound asleep, which I can confirm by gazing at our awesome video monitor (we are addicted to that thing). He is getting his beauty sleep so that he has the energy he needs to explore his classroom tomorrow. His teachers write me in his journal each day and thankfully they all check off his mood as "happy." He is quite content with a ball at almost all times (makes his daddy proud). He loves to throw it so that he can chase after's really pretty darn cute...and it tells me that a sibling down the road might be necessary (though not too soon) because "catch" by yourself can only be fun for so long! When he's not playing "catch the ball," he's perfecting his music skills. The kid LOVES music...listening to it, dancing to it, and now playing it. Lord help us. This comes in especially handy at school since there are quite a few little girls in his classroom to impress. Finley has his heart set on Agnes, though. The teachers have informed me that when they sit next to one another on their buggy rides, they hold hands (eek.).

As for his milestones, he is discovering "mobility." He can pull up now, but seems to get scared when he does. He's not particularly fond of falling, though who really is?! His crawl still tends to lean towards an army crawl, but I truly don't know if he'll adjust this as he is quick!

Kelly and I are doing well too. We spent the week working on our kitchen and cleaning out cabinets. I now have a craft area (I should attach a picture next round!) and we can actually navigate through our pots and pans with ease. I'm curious how long it will last...

Much love to all of you...hopefully you'll hear from me sooner than five months from now!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've been soo bad!! This picture of sweet Finney was taken on his 4-month birthday...well, Friday is his 5-month birthday! Where has the time gone?!
As you can tell by the picture, Finley is a mammoth!! He is topping the charts in the 90th percentile for both his height and weight. At his four month appointment, he was 27 inches long (yes, he has grown half a foot) and he weighed 17 1/2 lbs!! Geez Louise you say?? Me too!
He is such a wonderful baby. While reading the "Baby Whisperer" recently, I realized how blessed I was to have a baby that is a cross between "Angel" and "Textbook" baby. The fact of the matter is that Finney has made me wonder if it would really be wise to bring more little Meegans into this household...can you really get this lucky twice?? Or three times for that matter?????
He stopped sleeping through the night for about two weeks, but we do seem to be back on track-thank the good Lord!!
Kelly and I are enjoying every minute with him and I promise to try and do a better job of sharing our little love with you all!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Months in!

Wow! Has it really been 8 weeks?! For those of you who have been checking this blog with no satisfaction will easily recognize that this time has passed, but for me, it has flown!! I have to say...I'm not sure that Kelly and I should go for a second baby...Finley is just too perfect and we can't get that lucky twice!!

I took him in for a check-up three weeks ago and his pediatrician was blown away when they took his weight. Our little giant topped the charts at 11 lbs!! To help you understand his growth, let me tell you that he started off in the 30th percentile for his weight (yes...even at 8 lbs, 1 oz), jumped to the 50th at two weeks and now my sweet little goo is in the SEVENTY-FIFTH!! There is no doubt that this child doesn't miss a meal!

And he is so sweet to mommy and daddy at night. He sleeps for a good 5-6 hour stretch, which for his age is as good as it gets! Never did I think that I would be so thrilled for such a small amount of shut-eye, but motherhood does funny things like that to you.

I'm sad to admit that after eight weeks, it is time for me to go back to work :( Finley will get to spend two weeks at home, though, with his Meemaw (Mom, is that how you spell it??) and Aunt Becky. Then, he'll start at St. Paul's, which is where his cousins go. As much as it KILLS me, I am trying to remind myself that he is in good hands (but pray for me anyway).

"Mom...I'm not real sure about this red light that is staring back at me!"

"But I don't want to look at the's that red light again!"

Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 weeks already?!

OK...I recall when my friends have had babies and I impatiently would check their blogs on a daily basis with no changes. Each time there was not an update, I would feel such disappointment only to try again the next day. I am sorry to say that I have been that friend...or family member! So, before anything else, my apologies and I will try to do better as no one should be deprived of seeing this little guy!

He has endearingly been termed our "little bean." I'm not really sure where that came from, but Kelly came up with it and it just fits. It may fit so well due to the perpetual gas that this child has, but that is neither here nor there ;)

As for what we have been up to...

It's hard to believe that Finn has already experienced his first Christmas. We went to church on Christmas Eve and had a good laugh when our 3 year old niece walked over to Finley and said, "I want to touch Baby Jesus!" What was even greater was that the very next day, Gigi (Grandma Meegan) created the manger scene and Finley had the star role as Baby Jesus! He really did quite well in his manger, meaning he slept through the whole thing.

Our nights are eventful as most of you would expect, but it is all worth it. At least if we're up in the middle of the night, it's for a good cause: to party with our little bean!

Thank you for all the prayers that got this little guy here safely-he is such a blessing!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finney's first day

Today was our first full day of being a family of three...and we feel so blessed! Finley has had a big day of firsts...and so have we! Kelly, who was once scared to death of poopie diapers has already changed three with such manly grace. And not only that-he has mastered the art of swaddling. In my opinion, he's even better than the nurses! I am including a few pictures of our day today for your viewing pleasure ;)

Finley has taken the time to narrate:

I was supposed to come home in this adorable Gap Essentials outfit, but I peed on it..oops.

Oh how I love my daddy!

Mommy recounting the story of daddy trying to "distract" her through hard labor by suggesting the purchase of a truck....really dad???
I'm sure that you all will see more of me as my parents cannot seem to resist capturing every cute little thing I do! I love you all! OH....and please say a prayer for parents keep mentioning something about a circumcision in the morning?

Finway Park

Finway Park
You have to love that!

Retired Jersey Wall

Retired Jersey Wall
I can name like 2 of them...but don't tell Kelly...

Take me out to the ballgame!

Take me out to the ballgame!
(vinyl letters rock!)

Finley's First Onesie

Finley's First Onesie
Courtesy of Aunt Brandi

The infamous Ebay pictures...

The infamous Ebay pictures...
Can you name them??

Our Patriotic Wall

Our Patriotic Wall

Coming along...

Coming along...
The middle of the wainscoting is the paint color

The beginning of the waines coating

The beginning of the waines coating
Doesn't Kelly do beautiful work?!

Painting the Room!

Painting the Room!
You wouldn't know how much Kelly hates to paint by this picture

The Big Reveal!

The Big Reveal!
Our faces when we found out we were having a BOY!! Only I really look surprised...